I recently read something that got me thinking about what the heck I am flushing down my toilet. Are you a toilet paper connoisseur? Are you picky about the softness of that sheet that touches your derriere? Well this might make you think about all those big dollars you are spending on that posh toilet paper you have been flushing away.

Here are a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself. Does your toilet get clogged quite often? Do you panic when you are about to flush, praying to the porcelain god that it goes down? Are you best friends on a daily basis with your plunger?  Or, do you know your plumbers first name, plus know what he takes in his coffee?

Well it might not be those city drains to blame or those tree roots they keep telling you is the problem. It might just be that expensive, but oh so soft, expensive toilet paper!

I did a test of my own to take a look at the problem.


Here are the 5 brands I tested. All of the above are 2 ply.

First I pulled off 2 squares of each and put them into a glass.



To this I added one and a half cups of water, then waited a half an hour.


I stirred them all an equal amount to see how well each did after sitting in the water. Next I reached in and tried to pull the sheets out.


In my own opinion if you are using Charmin (far left), get rid of that stuff ASAP or be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on plumbing because that stuff does not break down. It did not even come apart at the perforation.

Cottonelle (second left) did not do much better. At least it separated at the perforation.

The one in the center was Royale and it was a 50/50 draw on that one. I actually used to be a big fan of Royale, but remembering back when I used it, my toilet was getting clogged quite a bit and I blamed the plumbing back then. So I gave that one a no just from past experience with it.

The forth one in the photo was Safeway’s Compliments Green Care made from recycled paper and it broke down the best of the five. It completely broke down into tiny shreds of mush.

The last one on the right was Presidents Choice Max and it done extremely well. That is the brand I have been using for 2 years now and I have not had a clogged toilet in that same amount of time. It may not be as soft as those fancy expensive ones but it really isn’t too bad.


So the clear winner here definitely was the Compliments Green Care brand. But seriously, it was some pretty flimsy stuff. Personally I really don’t wish to experience that awkward moment when you realize your finger just went through the toilet paper at that crucial first wipe.

I am going to stick with my cheap ass toilet paper and you guys can decide if you really want to invite your plumber over for dinner.


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