Barbie gets a lobotomy


Yes, you read that right! Barbie gets a lobotomy! I have no idea where in my crazy brain I got the idea to do this but it was so much fun. Barbie is about to become a Chia Pet.

Barbie gets a lobotomyI think some of us can agree that Barbie is kinda creepy. But that bitch has everything. Sports cars, RV’s, dream homes, you name it she has it. And don’t get me started on her wardrobe.

So loping off the top part of her head was a kind of joyful, sadistic pleasure. Once I had that Dremel tool in my hand, it exceeded all of my expectations. Even just the sound of the Dremel powering up and knowing what I was about to do, had me cackling to myself.

First off, I found this particular Barbie head at a thrift store. I went looking for a used one with ratty matted hair so I would not feel bad about chopping off her head. But there it was, a brand new, never been opened, Barbie head for $5.99.

So as they say in the story book… “Off With Her Head”.

I did cut off all her hair right down to the nubs before the hilarious act of cutting into her head.

Barbie Lobotomy       BARBIE AIR HEAD

Even more gratifying was once the top of her head was cut off and looking inside, I can clearly see she is nothing more than an air head. Nothing between those ears but air!

The next step was too pull all the woven bits of hair from the inside out with a pair of pliers. It does leave all those little holes in her head which was perfect for drainage.

                        Next was to fill her head with dirt. Now Barbie has a dirty mind!


The photo above shows the seeds I used to put in the dirt. No rhyme or reason to picking these particular ones. I just went with what I thought would look good. You could even use plain old grass seed if you like. I then put another thin layer of dirt over the seeds and gave her some water.

Bag Lady

I covered her head with a plastic sandwich baggie and pulled a rubber band over it to hold it in place. It is similar to a little terrarium at this point. Keeping the moisture inside. I did put her under a grow light as my house has absolutely no natural sunlight for any length of time during the day.

I also wanted to do a quick Chia Pet that would be so much fun to do with kids.

017 Just save an empty tin can or 2 from the next time you are cooking. Next get the kids to ransack their toy box for any broken toys or things they can find around the house. My goal here was to find some Mr Potato Head parts and simply glue them on. Since I do not have any small kids running around and could not find any Mr Potato Head parts at the thrift store, I just used what I had. My button jar came in handy for this project. I seen one done on Pinterest that simply used some felt. They cut out the facial parts, glued them on to the tin can and it looked adorable.

I then drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage. Added dirt into the can, then added a layer of grass seed with another thin layer of soil. I gave him a good watering and stuck a baggie on him also.

The hardest part of all this is waiting for those seeds to sprout. It does give you a good lesson in patience. Kinda like waiting for paint to dry but this takes longer.

Well 2 weeks has gone by and the grass is growing exceedingly well for the Tin Can Man. I have given him 3 haircuts already! But when I walked by him yesterday there was a strange surprise growing dead center out of his head. Besides the new mushroom, I think this little guy is just cute as a button (pun intended) and he would make such a fun project with the kiddies.

tin man can 2   tin man can 3

Now on the other hand, Barbies lobotomy was a flop! Not a damn thing came out of her head. Figures! So I just dumped some grass seed into her dirty little mind and hopefully we shall see some green soon. I had such high hopes for Barbie.

Yay, at long last I can finally show you how Barbie looks after her tragic lobotomy! She now has grown some of her hair back in after the disaster of unknown circumstances. This is how she looks with her green locks.

Barbie Chia Pet

              I think she looks quite stunning with he new doo! Don’t You?

Also here is one final look at Tin Man Can with weeks of growing hair and many haircuts till I finally left it alone to grow out on it’s own.

Tin Man Can

This was a really funny project and I am sure if you used a little imagination you could come up with so many variations on this. You could have a whole zoo of Chia Pets to do with your kids and grandkids. I hope I have inspired you to not only think outside the box, but to believe “There Is No Box”.




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  1. Haha!! I love punk Barbie!

    My sister and I had Barbies, but played with them a little unconventionally. We always shaved their heads and they were always outside getting attacked by bears or run over by a Tonka dump truck… memories 🙂

    • Jen, my sister always got the Barbies and I got stuck with Midge! No one even remembers who Midge was from those vintage days. Midge was Barbie’s best friend in the very early days. Here is a funny one about the Midge doll. Mattel even came out with a pregnant Midge. Good lord I am so glad I never got that one. No wonder I hate Barbie dolls. I need a shrink!

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