Bird Feeders


 Bird Feeders I have a thing for birds. The songs they sing always catch me looking up into the trees or atop a roof line. I simply could watch them all day long. I haven’t always had this love for birds. Well maybe I did, but when you are young you forget to slow down enough to notice the little things. Now that I have a goodly age under my belt I seem to quite enjoy doing nothing but watching birds flutter around and singing their songs.

To enjoy them even more in the last few years, I have been photographing them. If you are unable to get to the places where birds like to hang out, you need to attract them to where you hang out. Feeding them does just that. In that regard you need to put their food into some kind of container. You can’t just throw their food all willy nilly all over the ground!

I have been to quite a few places that sells beautiful feeders but the prices are unbelievable. I just can not bring myself to pay such extreme prices on something that a bird is just going to poop on!

I have decided to make my own feeders. Once again I needed the thrift store. I am not giving instructions on how to make these as they are all simple and just by looking at them I am confident you could figure out how each was made.

My first feeder was and still is the birds favorite one. It is the bundt cake pan feeder.

Bird Feeders

This next one is made from 2 different lamp shades.

Bird Feeders

This one is made from another lamp shade for the top and a casserole holder as a base with just a simple bowl inside to hold the bird food.

Bird Feeders

The next 2 are so simple and cheap to make.

Bird Feeders 4

The above photo is just a sturdy round vase with a mans leather belt strapped on to it. I call this one my bubble feeder!

The below photo is a vintage water jug with another belt strung through the handle.

Bird Feeders 5

Now you can not have feeders without some kind of birdbath. You need to offer the birds something to drink. This sometimes is more important than the food in the hot summer months. For mine I had an old milk can which I painted black. Over the last couple years I have switched out the bowl a few times and have settled on a big dough bowl set inside a big wok. I like the wok as it gives the birds something to perch on when they come in for a landing. But it is made from aluminum and I don’t think that is too good for the birds drinking out of it. Keep a couple rocks in the bath also so butterflies and bees can come for a drink also. Plus the smaller birds like to sit on the rocks. Most importantly for the bird bath is to change the water daily. The reason being is BIRDS POOP! They don’t care where they poop. You can be guaranteed they will poop in their own water and you don’t want them getting sick because they are drinking poopy water.

Bird Feeders

Also try to make it fun for the birds. I added 3 of these decorative outdoor mirrors and the smaller birds like to land on them and look at themselves.

Bird Feeders

All the feeders and the bird bath shown here get plenty of action. I also have decided to commit to feeding them this coming winter as I think that is the most important time to feed them as food must be pretty scarce during the long winter months.

I hope my home made feeders inspire you to get out to the thrift store and find some unique things to turn into feeders. Help make our fine feathered friends happy! I know these birds have brought great joy into my life.

I wanted to show you some photos of some of the birds that come to my feeders but sizing and uploading to this site takes way to much time and I didn’t want to bore anyone with a zillion more photos. So what I did do, was put some of them in an album on Google Plus and I can now just share the link here.

Now that was so much easier to do!


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  1. Do you have a problem with squirrels on your feeders? I can’t keep them off mine and they eat most of the seed. I love your feeders! They are really unique and prettier than store bought ones.

    • Hi Judy! No I do not have a problem with squirrels. For some reason where I live we don’t have any squirrels. This city is so full of wildlife it is amazing, but in the 3 years I have lived here I have yet to see a single squirrel. Now that I think about this, that seems strange to me. I am going to have to go check this out and ask around. I wonder if you gave them a separate feeder away from the bird feeders, with their own food (just peanuts) if they would leave the bird food alone?
      I put up a separate suet feeder once, and I had every starling in the neighborhood and they cleaned it out in a matter of hours. Also I had to raise all the bird feeders as the deer figured out how to tip them and dump all the food out so they could help themselves.

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