How to make an Easter centerpiece without buying a ton of chocolate and everything else in pastel shades of spring. I do not do Easter so this was a challenge. Off to the thrift store to see what I could come up with. Of course the thrift stores were all decked out with the usual bunnies, wicker baskets and eggs of every color. It’s just like all the other stores that sell new things to suck up your hard earned dollars. But thrift stores can do it cheaper. First I needed a ceramic bunny.

Bunny Easter Project        BUNNY


I picked up one similar to these 2 fellas in the photos above. I needed one with lots of detail so it would show up well once I spray painted it. I also needed one that did not have a shiny glazed finish on it so the spray paint would adhere to it. I said no to the wicker basket and found a better alternative with a metal wire basket. I grabbed a few other goodies to go with it and off to the hardware store for some spray paint. I wanted a Chocolate Bunny but I did not want the chocolate. I am not a big chocolate fan. My boys liked chocolate while they were growing up and every year no matter what, they bought me chocolates. Birthday chocolates, Christmas chocolates, Mothers Day Chocolates, you name the occasion, I got chocolates. Of course, they knew they would get to eat the chocolates.

So here is my attempt at getting an Easter centerpiece with very little pastel shades but still cute.

Easter Project

Doesn’t he look good enough to eat!

As you can see I had to add my own bit of quirkiness to it and spray painted a toy troll to add to the whole strangeness of the non-chocolate bunny. The scrap fabric I found is just perfect to go into the basket with enough left over for a little bow. With a couple fake daffodil flowers, cute egg shaped candles and a wind up chick.

Everything was pre-owned and repurposed for under $20.00, except for the spray paint at $6.99. If you tried to put together a centerpiece like this, using new items only you would easily have spent $100.00 or higher.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE and try not to eat too much chocolate!


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