COPPER COIL WIND CHIMETrolling around the endless and time consuming internet for ideas of different things to make I spied a wind chime! I fell in love with the simple lines and probable ease of making.

I certainly liked the idea of using copper for this. We all love the patina it produces as it ages outdoors. Now before you run out and grab some copper please be warned that it is a pricey project. But if you are not too worried, go ahead and get to the hardware store and get yourself some 1/4 inch copper coil tubing. I found mine in the plumbing section.

This stuff is such a pleasure to work with. Seriously a 20 foot roll cost me $25.00. So when you look at it you may think it is expensive but 20 feet is quite a bit of copper, plus I had some left over for the new bird feeder I have been dying to make for some time. Once I finished the wind chime I stood back and realized that I would probably have paid twice that for the same wind chime in a garden center.

I plan on making another one and doing a tutorial on it as this one was an experiment. I did make some mistakes which I will share with you at that point, but I just had to show you my first attempt.


I think this is one of my favorite outdoor projects I have done this summer. Look at the cool shadow it makes when the sun hits it!


I added some bells from an old ugly wind chime I bought at a thrift store. I did not like the wind chime they were on but I loved the bells and knew I could use them on this project. For a little whimsy I also took apart an old french egg whisk, then spray painted it black to add as the final touch.

Now what did I do with the extra copper coil?

Well a year or so back I purchased a chicken feeder I found at a thrift store. It was a Pinterest inspiration using a mason jar to make a bird feeder. Yes it was one of those things that went into the junk bin and instantly forgotten. I really must stop doing that!

All I did was wrap the coil around the jar and added some copper strapping so I could hang it in the tree.


I drilled some holes in the bottom and added an old pot lid so there would be extra space for my little feathered friends to land on. I also added some crystals that hang underneath, just to pretty it up some. I am sure the birds do not care if it is pretty, but I like it! This particular feeder does not have any cover over it so I may add another pot lid to help keep out the rain. It hangs under a big canopy of this cedar tree so it gets quite a bit of protection but I will keep an eye on it when the next rain storm rolls in. There is drainage holes but if it needs the extra pot lid I can always add to it later on.

It only took that little chickadee 10 minutes to hop on over and figure it out. Plus my red breasted nuthatches particularly like this feeder.




There you have it. Two projects from one 20 foot length of copper coil. The two projects probably cost me approximately $45.00 all combined. I think it was money well spent. Now if I can put these birds on a diet I would be saving a whole lot more money. I can’t believe how much food these guys can eat! They are also messy, picky eaters of bird food. Thank goodness I have a flock of morning doves that come in every evening to clean up the food they fire out of the feeders and land on the ground. Last night I counted 8 morning doves. The newest one to arrive was so thin. But, give it a week at my messy feeding station and I imagine that same one will be as fat as the rest of them!

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