TIERED STANDToday I would like to do a tutorial on a popular item. It is a tiered stand you can use anywhere in the house for decoration, display or a really handy storage thingy.

Some of you just are not into making stuff like I am. I am addicted to making stuff. So if you don’t want to make one this post will probably be pretty boring. You can look at the pretty pictures though or you can go and watch this educational but very funny video about the octopus. Those of you who like the stand but don’t want to make one, this one just happens to be up for sale in my shop! 

It is so versatile it can be used in many rooms of the house. I can just imagine this stand holding so very many different things.

It could be used in the craft room for all those little bottles of craft paints or the variety of glues that can accumulate that always get lost when you really need them. It can be used as a tool caddy when you are working on a project and need to keep everything all in one place. Or how about all those bottles of nail polish and manicure items one needs to beautify those nails. This stand would also be beautiful in the kitchen used as a fruit stand or even a spot to hold an array of small spice bottles. Or how about in the bedroom to hold all your jewelry, especially those bracelets and watches that never seem to have a place to be stored or displayed.

You could turn the stand into a 3 tiered stand if you have the space but I felt 2 tiers was just high enough to sit on the counter under kitchen cabinets.

The uses for this stand are endless but lets move on to how to make one.

tiered stand First up is to go find some type of pan that you like. Yay, I got to go to the thrift store again! I chose 2 spring form pans as I loved the little latches on the outside of them. I felt it gave these pans so much character. You can use any type of pan you like. I even made one using vintage enamel bowls. Which also just happens to be for sale in my shop.

I then proceeded to take them apart as I wanted to secure the bottoms of the pans to the sides. You certainly can omit this part but I like to make things as sturdy and durable as possible and I just didn’t want to take the chance of the latch popping open while it was full of goodies. I mixed up some JB Weld to apply into the grooves of the sides of the pans where the bottom piece snugs into.

tiered stand

  tiered stand

  Make sure you wipe any adhesive drips away with a wet cloth before it sets up. If you don’t that drip will be there forever. JB Weld is the glue of all glues when working with metal. It is almost as good as if you welded the 2 pieces together. Let your pans sit overnight for a good cure and you will never have to worry about them falling apart.

Tiered Stand

You will need a spindle for the center of the pans. I chose a wooden one. I found a whole bag of these at a thrift store once and just knew they would come in handy for something. You can find these at any craft store but hey, I live in thrift stores so that is where I got mine. I cut one down to size and painted it a metalic silver to go with the silver metal pans.

I also wanted to add 2 rounds of wood to the bottoms of these pans for even more sturdiness. The bottom of these pans are kinda flimsy. You could cut 2 circles out of plywood if you like but I found a couple of wooden disks that were just the perfect size. I painted these the same color as the spindles but you can paint them any color you want as you can’t really see them anyway.

Tiered Stand

The next step was to put the whole thing together. I needed to attach the wood discs to the bottoms of the pans and for this I used contact cement. Read the directions on the can for this, but quite simply you just brush on a generous layer to each side of the items you want to stick together. In this case it was one layer on the disc and one layer on the bottom of the pan. Wait 15 minutes or so. Then very carefully set into place. I traced out where the discs were going to go with a sharpie on the bottom of the pan ahead of time as with contact cement there is no wiggle room once those 2 sides touch they are literally cemented in place.

Tiered Stand

I then felt the glue was not enough and I wanted this stand as sturdy as I could get it. Before gluing the spindle in place I marked off where the spindle was going to go, I drilled pilot holes where I wanted all the screws. Then glued and screwed it all together.

Tiered Stand

Tiered Stand










In the photos above screws were put into place going straight through the bottom of the disc and up into the spindle then repeated, but this time going from the top of the pan through the wood disc then into the spindle. Make sure the screws on the bottom are flush with the wood or you will end up with a wobbly stand.

Tiered Stand I wanted some kind of handle at the very top so you could just grab it and take it where ever you needed it. I went through my stash of junk and found a wine bottle cork screw. As you can see in the photo the center part that goes into the cork is just like a big screw. I took it apart leaving just the center piece. I then drilled another pilot hole straight down the center making sure the drill bit was big enough to drill a hole that would fit the screw end that would go deep into the spindle underneath. This was a bit tricky but as long as you don’t make your pilot hole too wide it can be done. I also had to use a pair of vice grips to help turn and screw the whole thing down as it is tougher to screw in than just a regular screw. This contraption is made for going into soft cork not hard wood. But with a bit of muscle it worked just fine.


Finally some photos of the finished stand. I love how this turned out.

Tiered Stand 8


Tiered Stand

Tiered Stand

I hope you are able to use some of this tutorial to make one of your own tiered stands. It doesn’t have to be the same as this one. I only wish that it at least inspired you to try to reuse things you already have that you don’t use and are just about to throw away. I know I enjoyed making it. Making things from used items is always so gratifying. As I said at the beginning of the post if you don’t want to make one, this one is for sale or just contact me and I would love to make one for you to suit your own style or decor. Thanks for coming by.


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    • Thanks Naomi, I never bake, I would probably burn the house down. I cook well but baking and I never did go well together. I do have the odd glass of wine but I now buy it in the box, so no corkscrew needed, LOL!

    • I love your tiered stand. The use of the cork screw, genius!!
      I appreciate the information on the JB Weld.
      Knowing that I can now make my own, I have the pans and spindles. Your directions are so precise. Thank You!!

    • Thanks Vickie, I am having a hard time putting the 2 stands away for when I sell them. I use them all the time. I guess I will have to make a couple for myself.

  1. I would love to make one of these but not sure if i want to use springform pans. Do you have any tips for using another kind of pan? I would appreciate your ideas. I want to use one for my paints and glues and would like one for my nail polishes. Thanks!

    • Hi Dorothy! The sky is the limit on this kind of stand. For what you want to use it for just make sure that the pans have a flat bottom. I made a couple using vintage enamel bowls and I use these ones for storing snack bars and such or as a fruit stand. But for yours you need the flat bottom. If I were you just go check out the bake ware section at your local thrift store. Any type of cake pan would be great You could even use those heart shaped cake pans. Also make sure the top one is smaller than the bottom one.

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