Today’s DIY project is something I have wanted to do since I seen saw one on Pinterest a couple years ago. It is a spring time door wreath made from a child’s size umbrella.


But since I only like to use thrift store items in most of my projects it was difficult to find a child size one. You don’t find them very often. Kids probably destroy them or lose them before they ever get donated. So when I spied this one at the Habitat ReStore lying on a shelf I jumped up and down with such glee that the cashier thought I was off my rocker. It was way overpriced and I think the staff there were actually sad to see it go as they probably used it to run for their lunches on rainy days. The color was not as I imagined it should be but I can fix that with a couple cans of spray paint.

Next on the agenda was to find some spring type fake flowers. Not an easy chore when it is almost considered summer now and everyone has grabbed all those fun fake spring ones before I could get a chance to get my hands on them first! So maybe a trip to the dollar store for this project.

Diy Umbrella wreath 017First off I bought 2 cans of bright yellow spray paint. For the first coat I opened up the umbrella and gave it a good coat. I wasn’t worried about paint runs or anything and seriously, I should have used a grey primer first but this was going to be closed up and painted again so any imperfections are going to be hidden anyway.

diy umbrella wreath This is how it looks closed up with just a piece of twine to hold into the shape I want it. At this stage you want to be fussy about the way it looks as the final paint spraying will stiffen it right up and you want it to hold a shape that looks pleasing to the eye. I also bent some of the wires that would be facing outward and leaving the back ones alone so it will sit flat against the door when hung.

If you are worried about over spray on the handle go ahead and tape it off before you start spraying. I wasn’t too worried on the first coat, but I will tape it off for the second spray as I will be spraying it with the umbrella closed.

I was wondering how I wanted the flowers to stay put once all the painting was done and came up with a very inventive idea that will hold them all in place even if there is a wind storm and believe me, here in Medicine Hat, Alberta we live in a constant wind storm.The solution was a can of Great Stuff. That is the spray expanding foam you use to seal cracks around doors and windows. I love this stuff and have used it in so many projects. I used it in my Fake vs. Real Plants post. That is how I got all those fake plants to stay put and not blow away.

Diy Umbrella wreath 012 You can go 2 ways here.

One being to arrange all your flowers into the painted umbrella, then stick the long nozzle into each section and spray the foam around the stems. Or you could spray the foam in first and then stick the flowers into the foam. I went with the first option as I was able to arrange them first and move them around before adding the foam. Be very careful not to spray too much foam into each section as it does expand and if you walk away and come back a couple hours later you could have a big problem on your hands. You would then have to wait a week for this stuff to cure then hack the excess away with a knife. Not fun, it happened to me when I first discovered Great Stuff. So only squirt enough in each section to fill it half way, thus giving it ample room to expand. One other tip on this is to wear rubber gloves! If any gets on your hands and you don’t get it off right away, it will be on your skin for a very long period of time. We are talking days! I learned that lesson the hard way also.

Once you have all your flowers arranged leave it alone to cure for about a week. You can tie a ribbon or some rustic twine around the umbrella to make it look pretty.

This is something I learned while doing this project. Try really hard not to over do it with the flowers. I learned that lesson a bit too late. I put way too many flowers in it and lost the feel of the umbrella. You can’t even really tell it is an umbrella. So next time, if I make another one I will keep it much more simple. But it still looks quite pretty. I might even cut some of the flowers out with a pair of wire cutters.

Diy Umbrella wreath 009

  Diy Umbrella wreath 004










Diy Umbrella wreath 008

Since I do not have any flowers planted this year it definitely adds a nice pop of color.  I just love how it looks with all my other fake plants. I am kinda sad though as I know it is totally going to confuse the bees!

Honey bee

I had to bring it inside for the foam to cure as we have had some really rainy weather this past week. That gave me a chance to bend some of the flowers upwards and take another photo of it so you can see more of the umbrella shape and I am quite happy with it.

umbrella wreath



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  1. beautiful arrangement — and great info on the great stuff – it will definitely help me — I live in central Texas and winds are fairly strong except in summer when its so dang hot and humid 🙂

    • Hi Vickie! The best part about this is no matter how hot it gets your flowers never need watering, thus you will never have wilted flowers. I used to live in Phoenix, Az. so I know the kind of heat you are talking about. I do miss seeing all the desert landscapes the people used around their houses.

    • Thank you Jane! You must give it a go. I seriously do not think anyone could mess this one up. Even by using too many flowers it still came out nice… not as I was expecting but things don’t always go as planned and I do so love when things don’t go according to plan. I just sit back and laugh now that it is up. It truly makes me smile when I walk by it or look out the window.

  2. I love it! Particularly the idea to paint it – makes it stiff! Also, love the Right Stuff as I am on a corner and get lots of wind – yes, even in Florida. The only critique I have is your grammar; it should be ever since I saw it, not seen it!

  3. Hi Sheila! Thanks for the great compliment. Now that you point out my crappy grammar I almost went ripping in there to edit the mistake as you are correct! But then I thought that if I corrected it, people would see your comment and think you were nuts as it looked fine to them. So, ever so mindful of other peoples feelings I left my horrid mistake for the world to see. I am humbled and apologize for crappy grammar. Hey that’s what we Canadians do, we just say sorry for everything and people like us LOL!

  4. Thank you so much for the great tutorial! You did a wonderful job explaining & displaying what you did! & I think your grammar is fine! No apologies necessary!

    • Thank You Deb! I kinda liked Sheila’s note on my grammar. I swear and cuss and laugh every time I write a post thinking it is going to be horrid and no one would want to read a single word of it. I even read a ton of articles on editing your own posts. Get this, quite a few bloggers hire an editor! I was floored. I think I would rather have all the fine Sheila’s out there helping me with my grammar than actually hiring one. It just wouldn’t be my post anymore if I let that happen. So I take no offense at readers suggestions on making my words more readable.

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