Dyna the Photo Bomber

dyna the photo bomberI have a dog, her name is Dyna. Anyone who owns a dog knows the bond that is shared between dog and human. No offense to the cat people out there. I know you have that special bond also but it is different. Cats are some of the strangest things to own as a pet.

My sister is a cat person. She actually taught a cat to fetch. I couldn’t believe it until¬†I saw it with my own eyes. I think she really wanted a dog so she trained her cat to fetch but my preference is dogs.

Dyna is a Jack Russell. Well I think there might be something else in there but we shall say she appears to be a long legged Jack Russell with ears that tip up, not flop down.

Dyna is also a photo bomber. Every time I pull out the camera she, with all the stealth she can muster, appears in almost every photo I take. You will see quite a bit of Dyna as the photos she appears in are usually better than the ones without. The photo here is one I was trying to take of a new project I made but could not get it to focus correctly because of it being all white and not enough contrast. In pops Dyna and it turned out perfect. Accept that she is standing right in front of the item that I want to sell.

That my friends is your introduction to Dyna The Photo Bomber and I am sure you will see much more of her.

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