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1No I am not talking about boobs! I have lived with my little boobies my whole life and I am not getting fake ones!

It’s Earth Day as I write this, so I am going to discuss fake vs real plants and some of my thoughts on this subject.

The last 2 years at this rental house I am in, I have gone out and purchased real pretty flowers for a few of the planters to make the place feel more homey. Last year though was a horrifying sticker shock. I spent just over $300.00 on plants for 5 small planters. That to me seems a ridiculous amount of money to spend on something that is just going to die at the end of the year. Then you have to do it all over again the following spring! NOPE not going to happen!

I could buy some perennials and in fact I did buy a few for a small spot out front but those plants are way over priced, even more so than the annuals. But when you live in a rental house it is a shame to spend all that money if you end up moving and have to leave them behind to somebody who will probably dig them up and plant different ones. All that time and care into them, hoping you don’t kill them, all just became a very real waste of money.

This year I planned something different. All winter long I have been doing a little thrift store shopping for fake plants. Just a few here and there and only if I felt they were reasonable in price. Then I brought them home and stuffed them in a big garbage bag till spring. You sure as hell do not want to go to Micheal’s and buy new fake foliage as you would soon be bankrupt!

I feel that the whole “my lawn is greener than my neighbors lawn” has truly gotten ridiculous. The amount of money wasted on all that greenery, fertilizer and the water wastage is mind boggling. I live in Alberta. It is a prairie. It tends to have frequent droughts. But I see people watering their lawns every day and some of those people have them on timers, so they turn on even if it is raining. To me, the perfect landscape would be a desert landscape. I lived in Arizona for quite some time and seen some downright beautiful desert landscapes.

Here is an example of Fake vs Real with the same plastic urn planter. The fake one cost me about $12.00 using thrift store used foliage. The real flowers in this same urn cost about $50.00.

Fake vs Real Fake vs Real














Here are a few more photos of my fake plants I arranged for this season. The first photo is the same planter as the one at the very top of this post but I just added the fake plants.

Fake vs Real

Fake vs Real

The very strange pink swan was a funny one. I bought it at the thrift store where I work and all the other cashiers there laughed their butts off. Yes it was ugly as sin. A sort of Ugly Duckling thing, but hey, I am weird and I also knew it would fit right in with my junky landscape setting. Plus the bonus was it already had the fake plants in it for only $3.99.

Finally 2 more photos of the whole side of the shed where they are set up. One from last year with the real plants and the second from this year with all the fake plants.

Fake vs Real

Fake vs Real

I know which one I like better and I know who saved a ton of money this year! I think I probably spent about $25.00 total on all the fake plants. The part I like best is I do not have to water them all season. The city does not get my hard earned nickles. I also won’t have to worry if I want to go away and then come home to find all my plants haveĀ  died.

At the end of the season I just put them all back into garbage bags till next year.

I also kept in mind that I did not want to go with a lot of flowers with this foliage. The reason being, I did not want to confuse all the honey bees and butterflies thinking there would be nectar for them, hence wasting all their tiny amounts of energy on a fake flower that has no nectar. No one wants to consciously confuse the honey bees.

*Make sure you scroll down past my signature on this post as there is an update photo you don’t want to miss regarding the “Fake vs Real” plants.*

Honey bee


SneakersSignature  Kat




*This is an update from when I first drafted this post. It is another good reason to use fake plants. You never have to worry about this happening and killing all your lovely plants.*

Fake vs Real with snow


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  1. LOL — love the idea but unfortunately I’m married to a landscape / irrigation supervisor. I’m barely able to use silk flowers in arrangements in the house – Yours are beautiful and I like you love the thrift stores!

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