flour sack curtains


flour sack curtains 1I need new curtains like I need a hole in the head. I have lived in this house two and a half years now and have changed the curtains in the kitchen more times than I can count. Nothing seems to work for me.

I love the look of sheer white curtains but in this particular kitchen they just look stupid.

I do not like those cafe type curtains, but I have tried them also, they lasted about 2 days.

I keep buying more curtains and I keep taking them down. 

The last set I got for these kitchen windows were not too bad. They were orange sheers and were the perfect size. I loved the brightness that they gave the room. But once again I started to tire of them. Last week when I got up and walked through the kitchen, I said to myself, “if I have to look at those ugly orange curtains one more day I am going to puke!”

Well I didn’t puke but I did give them some serious thought and I was bound and determined I was not going to buy more curtains. I know I only buy from thrift stores but these windows have taken up way too much of my money already.

light bulb expode 3Then the light bulb exploded in my head. I had bought the perfect solution over a year ago and they were buried in my stash of material. I bought these thinking I would use them right away in the most ingenious way and everyone would look at the project and tell me how wonderful it would be to have my imagination and talent. Ha! I could not think how to use them and they have been laying in the bottom of a cardboard box with all my other scrap material I have no use for.

I dug my flour sacks out and started ripping them apart. I had to give them a wash as they were pretty stained up. Sewed them all together leaving all the raw edges showing as shown in the photos below.

flour sack curtains

Once they were sewn all together to make one wide curtain, I then needed to give it a pocket hem for the rod to go through. pocket hemJust make a fold at the top about 5 inches over and iron it in place. Then do 2 rows of straight stitching as shown in the picture.The first row of straight stitching gives you a little ruffle at the very top of the curtain. You can omit that part if you like. I opted for the ruffle just for a cute finished touch.

I had to give the whole curtain a quick once over with the iron as once they came out of the dryer they were really wrinkled. I did not spend a huge amount of time ironing them as I still wanted a rustic feel to them. There are still some soft wrinkles to them but not enough that some picky guest would look at them and claim I was the worst housekeeper on the face of the planet. Which I probably am, but not many people can claim they made their own curtains out of flour sacks.

Also please take note of the 2 tiered stands which were strategically placed as a prop in these photos as an ingenious way to upsell my products. Well maybe not so ingenious, but they are for sell in my shop. I have the tiered cake pan stand on the left and the tiered enamel bowl stand on the right.

So without further rambling on by me, (which I love to do).

Drum Roll Please!

flour sack curtains

flour sack curtains

flour sack curtains

 These are PERFECT!!!       These are ME!!!      These I will NEVER TIRE OF!!!


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