Happy Birthday Lisa


Happy Birthday LisaI know this isn’t the regular type of post that I write and I  was a little hesitant about doing a blog post most people were not going to be interested in. I still wanted to find a way to send a special message saying Happy Birthday to my little sister. 

So how does one do something for a sister that is worlds away and I haven’t seen for more years than I can count. Well I decided to use this blog to do just that… To tell everyone and her, how much I love her and she is always in my heart.

I wanted to actually do something for her, something more than a quick message through Facebook. We do not send each other gifts or anything like that. I thought and thought and thought of something original till my head hurt. Then one day I was on the bridge that goes over the river that runs through the city. I looked down at the water, like I always do, and it finally came to me.

There is a spot on the river that has a bank that comes out and you can go down there and let your dog take a swim or just sit and enjoy the flowing water. Well, that is if the river is low and this spring it is very low due to the lack of snow this past winter. So I had lots of room to create my idea. It was kinda muddy as it rained the night before and my boots weighed a ton from all the mud sticking to them. I took a friend with me so that was a big help. It was actually our second date and he was trying to impress me. Well he done a fine job as he offered to do all the heavy lifting in the mud. He says he is a farmer so this would be no problem for him. But it was humorous watching him clomp through the mud. This project was more work than I thought. But what a beautiful afternoon to spend by the river.

The project actually took a couple hours to do but it gave me time to think about my sister. I found myself telling my friend many stories about Lisa. How she was such a beautiful baby and how she stole my heart the second I laid eyes on her. How I used to do her hair in the mornings when she was a young girl. The kind of memories that stay with you your whole life.

She is a grown woman now with a life of her own, but I know I have shared a part of her life that only she and I can share.

So here’s to you Lisa.

May the Angels be looking down on you, on your very special day and grant all your birthday wishes come true.

Happy Birthday Lisa!!!

To the rest of my readers, this was such a great project to do and if you have someone special, try doing something like this. Whether it be using rocks or just a personal message wrote out in the sand along a beach, give it a try. So much more love goes into something like this and the memories you create and think about while doing this are never forgot. This is so much better than sending a boring card or present.

Also if you are a guy and want to impress a gal on a second date, don’t be afraid of digging in the mud for a few rocks (or about 75 just for the heart). It will impress the heck out of her!


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Welcome to my world! My name is Kat. I live in Medicine Hat. Thus the name, Kat From The Hat.


    • You are so welcome Lisa! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!
      P.S. My second date fella messaged me and said he needed to take a “Time Out”.
      Maybe 75 rocks in the mud was a little much to ask after all. LOL!

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