HERE'S JOHNNY My “Here’s Johnny” door… I have had this idea in the back of my mind for quite some time. So this past summer when I rescued an old door from the dump I was ecstatic to be able to implement my idea.

Yes I know it is kinda creepy but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

When the weirdness comes out to play,  I just embrace it… I go full throttle crazy.





I started with an old door with a removable pane glass window.


I took out the window and gave it a good cleaning.



I did not paint this as I wanted it very rustic with all the chippy paint intact.

Here's Johnny 3

I found just the right image on the internet and turned it into a black and white, then went to block and had it blown up (for free) and printed it out on regular printer paper. The whole picture was printed out on 12 sheets of paper.


When it comes out of the printer it has margins around each edge and that needs to be cut away. Once cut, I lined all the papers up in the correct position, flipped it over, then taped all them together.


I then taped that image onto the back side of the window with masking tape. Then with an erasable marker I traced the image to the front of the window panes.


I flipped the window back over, took off the paper and started painting on the back side using the marker outline as my guide. I starting with the black color where it shows all the detail, then the grey for the shading and ending with the white. Each layer has to dry in between coats. 

Once all the paint had dried I popped Johnny back into the door and screwed the whole thing right to the back of the old shed that faces the back alley. I then added some other elements like some old saws and my tool box planter.



I also made a sign with my name on it made from old tools and a cupboard door all picked up from the Re-store. I keep adding to it with strange things I find like the First Aid Station sign, a couple of door knockers. Just weird stuff.


This the completed project and I just love this.

Here's Johnny
I need to add some fake greenery to the tool box this year. I am still looking for an old axe to attach to the door but that seems to be a difficult task, but one will come, it always does. Overall I love this and I can just imagine what the neighbors think. Or imagine walking the dog down the alleyway at dusk and seeing this. It is just art and easily taken down but as long as I am here it stays.
I do all kinds of artsy stuff and seriously the weirder the better. It is just more fun.
SneakersSignature  Kat

Welcome to my world! My name is Kat. I live in Medicine Hat. Thus the name, Kat From The Hat.


    • Thanks for coming to take a look Theresa. I am pretty excited about my little blog. I have followed a couple other blogs and finally decided “Hey I can do that!” I don’t do it for the money as you can tell I don’t have any advertisements screaming at you while your here. I just like doing these projects. If you ever have any suggestions for me just let me know as I am always looking for weird and fun stuff to do!

  1. I saw your post on Facebook and had to have a look at you blog! I love the door, but he shed, you’re the kind of neighbor I’d love to have! I love your projects, sense of humor, attitude and abilities! We need more like you!

    • Thank You Jane. When I first moved in people that wandered by when I was out in the back yard never stopped or glanced at me. Once I started adding all the artistic additions people are always waving or stopping to have a chat now. Whether they like it or not it gives them a chance for a chat or at least a wave if they are driving down the alley. It’s nice and makes it feel more like a real neighborhood when you get to interact with your neighbors.

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