Barbie gets a lobotomy


Yes, you read that right! Barbie gets a lobotomy! I have no idea where in my crazy brain I got the idea to do this but it was so much fun. Barbie is about to become a Chia Pet.

Barbie gets a lobotomyI think some of us can agree that Barbie is kinda creepy. But that bitch has everything. Sports cars, RV’s, dream homes, you name it she has it. And don’t get me started on her wardrobe.

So loping off the top part of her head was a kind of joyful, sadistic pleasure. Once I had that Dremel tool in my hand, it exceeded all of my expectations. Even just the sound of the Dremel powering up and knowing what I was about to do, had me cackling to myself.

First off, I found this particular Barbie head at a thrift store. I went looking for a used one with ratty matted hair so I would not feel bad about chopping off her head. But there it was, a brand new, never been opened, Barbie head for $5.99.

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BAMBI IS A BUTT-HEADNow don’t get me wrong, I love deer. I just don’t want them eating my rhubarb.

A couple years back when I first moved into this rental house the one thing I fell in love with was that it had a big back yard. It is a crappy, patchy, grassed yard, but it has lots of room for Dyna to run. The big bonus here is a rhubarb patch and I love rhubarb!

Realizing this town has an abundance of wild life that includes a large population of deer. I set out to find a way to keep the deer out of the rhubarb patch. Even though deer are not supposed to like rhubarb, I do know deer will eat anything. I googled DIY deer repellents and found quite a few people swore by the Irish Spring soap remedy. Hey it was cheap! I decided to try my own version of it and it worked.

Not only did I get a huge harvest from the patch but the leaves were enormous and I was able to get a concrete casting from one of the leaves for a fantastic garden sculpture.

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Let me tell you what happened this week. I bought myself a new camera so I could take pretty pictures to go with my posts. I did this just for you guys! Nothing but the best for you. And no you can not borrow my new camera! You just get to look at the pretty pictures.

Rather than bore you with all the details of my newfound love (Nikon D7100), I just call him Nik. I will show you what I will be living on for the next year till I pay this bad boy off.


I really do not like Ichiban Noodles much, so in order to stomach these I have created a special sauce for them that I add to the hot water. I also do not cook that much anymore so you won’t get many posts about home cooked meals from me either.

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I recently read something that got me thinking about what the heck I am flushing down my toilet. Are you a toilet paper connoisseur? Are you picky about the softness of that sheet that touches your derriere? Well this might make you think about all those big dollars you are spending on that posh toilet paper you have been flushing away.

Here are a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself. Does your toilet get clogged quite often? Do you panic when you are about to flush, praying to the porcelain god that it goes down? Are you best friends on a daily basis with your plunger?  Or, do you know your plumbers first name, plus know what he takes in his coffee?

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How to make an Easter centerpiece without buying a ton of chocolate and everything else in pastel shades of spring. I do not do Easter so this was a challenge. Off to the thrift store to see what I could come up with. Of course the thrift stores were all decked out with the usual bunnies, wicker baskets and eggs of every color. It’s just like all the other stores that sell new things to suck up your hard earned dollars. But thrift stores can do it cheaper. First I needed a ceramic bunny.

Bunny Easter Project        BUNNY

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My sister the cat lover, who lives on the other side of the country messaged me to let me know that I had inspired her to do a project of her own. Now that pleases me so much I had to share what she did. Everyone knows I love repurposing old things into new innovative solutions.

Ironing Board 1

See this ugly ironing board. Well she is turning it into a plant stand for a friend of hers. I think the idea is brilliant for a couple of reasons. These ironing boards must be filling up the landfills at an alarming rate. Just ask anyone if they iron anymore and you will get quite a few funny answers. But most will be “Heck No”.

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Fries 2


Here they are, the contenders. Not only is this a Company versus Company, it has become a Country versus Country! French’s over Heinz and Canada over The United States. I am here to do a taste test and to put an end to the controversy. First I did some research.

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I am back with an update on my health… I am still sick! But rather than no post at all I had a brainstorm while washing the dishes this morning. Actually it wasn’t a brainstorm. It was more like a fart, a little one. But because I am still sick I know you will forgive me.

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Oh there is nothing common about this one! I have not had a cold in so many years I started thinking other people must be making this shit up! Ha! Booking off work because they had a cold. NEVER!

Kat's Cold

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I am going to tell you a story. It is a funny story about the day I went to see a friend out on her property. Gina and I have quite a bit in common. We both are hippies at heart and we both love junk! She has a great piece of property with lots of room to move around. She has flower gardens, vegetable gardens, lots of shacks filled with junk. My kinda place. She also has chickens. One particular day Gina invited me out to her place. I asked if I could bring Dyna as she also has a dog named Ding dog and I figured Dyna could expand on her non-existing social skills.

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