My sister the cat lover, who lives on the other side of the country messaged me to let me know that I had inspired her to do a project of her own. Now that pleases me so much I had to share what she did. Everyone knows I love repurposing old things into new innovative solutions.

Ironing Board 1

See this ugly ironing board. Well she is turning it into a plant stand for a friend of hers. I think the idea is brilliant for a couple of reasons. These ironing boards must be filling up the landfills at an alarming rate. Just ask anyone if they iron anymore and you will get quite a few funny answers. But most will be “Heck No”.

No one irons, so ironing boards just are no longer needed. Most go to the dump.

She also had a couple of boring and not so inspiring candle wall sconces. So she painted them also to match the ironing board. Her reasoning for this made me smile. “I had paint left in the cans”. End of story.

Ironing board 2   Ironing board 3   Ironing board 4

Another reason I like this idea is that ironing boards do not take up a ton of space. If you live in a small apartment, space is sometimes a problem and you need to find unique solutions. Ironing boards are narrow and you can raise or lower them to fit under any window just perfectly, as opposed to some big piece of furniture. Plus if you use a metal one you do not have to worry about water ruining any wood furniture from spills while you are watering your plants. This is just one more example of using what you have.

She used regular old spray paint from the hardware store in Hunter Green and Burgundy.

Ironing board 5

Here is a photo of the colors she used. She went with these colors as that is her friends color scheme in her house. Her friend is gonna love it!
















Ironing board 7

This is the ironing board all set up under a window with a few plants on it. Her friend can add more plants or any assortment of ornaments to her own taste.

It is an ironing board. It’s fun, it’s quirky. But most definitely, it works.








When I told my sister I was going to do a post on this project of hers and asked her if she wanted to add a few comments to the post, this is what I got.

“Lesson Learned… Do not spray paint indoors… My place stank for 2 days!”

My sister the cat lover has a real way with words.



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