christmas-plaid-flannel-wreathToday I would like to showcase something I have in my store that is for sale! I love this wreath as it is not too over the top. It has a subtle look to it, almost a vintage feel.

As a matter of fact you might say it is a vintage wreath. I scoured the thrift stores for flannel shirts and pajamas with just the right colors and plaids. Most of the items I found in the men’s section. I also found some vintage ornaments to compliment the flannels.

Once I got home with all my goodies I started to assemble it on a used craft wreath I had in the basement just waiting for inspiration.

I cut out rectangular strips of the flannel that would wrap around the wreath plus an inch.

I then sewed a straight stitch on just one of the longer sides of each piece of fabric and began hot gluing them all in place. I overlapped each one so that only the finished side on each strip would be showing.


In the photo above, on the right side, you can see where it is stitched for a neater look as opposed to a raw edge. If you don’t sew you can just hot glue it in place.

This would make a great gift to give any fella as it certainly has a more masculine feel to it. I feel this would appeal to your average guy who does not like to go out and buy himself any Christmas decorations.


I attached some fruit decorations to stay with a more subtle feel as opposed to a bunch of angels or Santa Clause ornaments.


The bells were a great find! They have a flocked or almost velvet look and feel to them.


It is topped off with a plaid mesh bow that co-ordinates well with the fabrics I used.


Overall I absolutely love this Christmas wreath and anyone who is not crafty enough to make their own and wants to buy this one, I know you will love it also.

If you would like to commission me to make you one in a specific color or theme just message me through my contact me form.

Thanks for looking!








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  1. I love flannel and your wreath looks so pretty. Right up my alley, not to fussy and out there. We don’t really do wreaths in S Africa for some strange reason, unless it’s just me and I missed the memo somewhere 😉

    • It is an acquired taste I think. I really enjoy making them but I have yet to put one on a door. LOL! Everyone up here has door wreaths so that is probably why I never have one, always being different! I did decorate my mailbox one year!

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