BAMBI IS A BUTT-HEADNow don’t get me wrong, I love deer. I just don’t want them eating my rhubarb.

A couple years back when I first moved into this rental house the one thing I fell in love with was that it had a big back yard. It is a crappy, patchy, grassed yard, but it has lots of room for Dyna to run. The big bonus here is a rhubarb patch and I love rhubarb!

Realizing this town has an abundance of wild life that includes a large population of deer. I set out to find a way to keep the deer out of the rhubarb patch. Even though deer are not supposed to like rhubarb, I do know deer will eat anything. I googled DIY deer repellents and found quite a few people swore by the Irish Spring soap remedy. Hey it was cheap! I decided to try my own version of it and it worked.

Not only did I get a huge harvest from the patch but the leaves were enormous and I was able to get a concrete casting from one of the leaves for a fantastic garden sculpture.

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