Barbie gets a lobotomy


Yes, you read that right! Barbie gets a lobotomy! I have no idea where in my crazy brain I got the idea to do this but it was so much fun. Barbie is about to become a Chia Pet.

Barbie gets a lobotomyI think some of us can agree that Barbie is kinda creepy. But that bitch has everything. Sports cars, RV’s, dream homes, you name it she has it. And don’t get me started on her wardrobe.

So loping off the top part of her head was a kind of joyful, sadistic pleasure. Once I had that Dremel tool in my hand, it exceeded all of my expectations. Even just the sound of the Dremel powering up and knowing what I was about to do, had me cackling to myself.

First off, I found this particular Barbie head at a thrift store. I went looking for a used one with ratty matted hair so I would not feel bad about chopping off her head. But there it was, a brand new, never been opened, Barbie head for $5.99.

So as they say in the story book… “Off With Her Head”. Continue reading