Finding My Muse


Finding My MuseAfter much debate I have decided to take a break for a couple weeks.

It is winter and most of my projects have been put on a back burner. I opened an Etsy store to see if I could drum up some sales. I am not sure how that will pan out but there are some items I need to work on that I want to sell and I just need some time to get things going.

I have faithfully wrote a post every week for one year now and I think it is time to take a break to clear my mind and do some rejuvenating. I need to find my muse again. I know it is just a winter thing but I feel stagnant. Canadian winters can do that to a person.

I bought a new zoom lens for my camera and I plan to do quite a bit of photographing to learn more of what this camera can really do. I swear I have not taken it out of auto mode since I got it.

I hope you have some patience with me as I take my little hiatus. Sometimes one just needs to step back and recoup. I will leave you with a photograph I took last week as soon as I got my new lens. This photograph is the best one I have ever taken and I hope to take many more in the next couple weeks. This is of a Red Shafted Northern Flicker. I was sitting at the back window as he was shimming down the tree to get at the suet feeder below him. He hit that spot of sunlight just at the perfect time.

Finding My Muse

Wishing you all a happy couple of weeks and hope that each of you will find your muse also.


Welcome to my world! My name is Kat. I live in Medicine Hat. Thus the name, Kat From The Hat.


    • I am sorry Amy but glad you found me. It is only for a couple weeks. I will be back so please do not worry. I love working on the blog but I have a few things I need to get done that need my full concentration.

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