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Here they are, the contenders. Not only is this a Company versus Company, it has become a Country versus Country! French’s over Heinz and Canada over The United States. I am here to do a taste test and to put an end to the controversy. First I did some research.



It all started with a fella back in Ontario by the name of Brian Fernandez and a post he put up on Facebook that went Viral. This was in the Huffington Post. It was called Bye. Bye. Heinz. I seen that post and since then it has got my curiosity up.

Well my Heinz ketchup bottle was getting low so off to the grocery store I went. I wonder why I have never seen this stuff before. I must wear huge blinders when I go shopping. I bought one of each. Ingredient wise it says the exact same thing on both bottles. But… The Canadian Heinz ketchup and The American Heinz ketchup are 2 different stories. Both made in the USA but with surprising differences.

 French's vs Heinz The top image just to your left is a photo from the bottle I bought at the grocery store and the bottom image is an image I got off the internet of the American brand. Seems like the American Heinz like to put lots of  High Fructose Corn Syrup and Corn Syrup (which are the same thing by the way) in their own American brand. They think they are fooling the public down there by putting not so much nasty stuff in it.

But for us Canadians they are nice enough to put in Liquid Sugar (which is Cane Sugar). I find this weird that they would put the not so nice ingredients in their American product.

There is also a difference in the vinegar used between the 2 countries Heinz brands. It is a bit confusing but I will try to explain it in simple terms. White vinegar is made from cane sugar and has a higher acid content. Distilled vinegar can be made from anything such as corn or even GMO corn. Kinda like the stuff they make corn syrup from. But they use white vinegar in their Canadian Heinz ketchup. Nice aren’t they.  I could go on and on about all the stuff I read up on this and it would probably bore the crap out of you. I just thought you might find it interesting to see that the American Heinz ketchup company make the Canadian Heinz ketchup a wee bit more healthier for us.

Now onto to the Canadian French’s ketchup. I do like that they zoomed into the Canadian town of Leamington, Ontario and basically saved those tomato farmers after Heinz pulled out. I also like that for every bottle of French’s ketchup you buy, they donate .10 cents to Canada Food Banks.  Here is a funny tidbit that I read. French’s was so quiet and under the radar about the new ketchup that Heinz did not even know it was on the shelves in the grocery stores till one day one of the big wigs was shopping and seen it on the shelf. Way to go French’s!

Now on to the taste test. What better way to taste ketchup than with a “french fry” I myself prefer salt and vinegar on my fries but every once in awhile I do like dipping those babies in a plop of ketchup on the side. Never mind a big dollop of ketchup on the side of your plate with a grilled cheese sandwich. To make this fair I enlisted my son to go get some good old McDonald’s Fries and do the taste test with me. Yes I know those fries are bad for me but I like them.

Here are the results. First I want you to scroll back up to the top photo and look at the color of the two bottles. The French’s Ketchup is much darker than Heinz. That apparently is a sign of more tomatoes in their product. The process that takes place while making it turns the tomato paste very dark and the more tomato in the ketchup the darker it is. I like that. French’s scored very high with me, but in the blind taste test I got them wrong. The Heinz ketchup was very, very sweet. I thought that was the French’s, but I had never tried it before so I had nothing to gauge it on. I would instantly know the difference in any test now. We kept tasting and trying and the more we got into it both of us agreed we liked the stronger more flavorful French’s ketchup better. But if you gave both of these to a young child I would bet any money they would pick the Heinz ketchup because of it’s sweetness.

Bottom line is if you want some zing to your ketchup go with French’s and if you prefer sweet over zing then Heinz is your ticket. Myself, I believe French’s is the winner!




UPDATE: after this post went up a friend emailed me this link and I just had to add it this post.

Stompin’ Tom’s Ketchup Song

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