The Habitat ReStore My Second Home

Most Cities have one. The ReStore. I mean who can not like them? I first discovered The ReStore when I lived down in the States and that was many years ago, my first trip there I felt like I died and went to heaven. I still to this day can not believe that there are people out there who have never heard of this store. Their prices are so good I feel like I cheated somebody, when I leave I always feel like screaming “START THE CAR!” like that gal in the Ikea commercial. It’s crazy. I have not been to one that I didn’t like and I have been to many.

They have isles and isles of stuff. If you live in a home you need The ReStore. The reason I am writing this post about this store is because if you have any creativity at all you need to go there just for all the things you will find for your projects. You will be just like me and walk around with a goofy grin on your face and probably singing as well. The staff there must see that look on people all the time as they have never phoned the cops on me to have me removed for being drunk in a public place.

Today I went there with an idea in my mind and a camera in my hand. I wanted to take photos of some of the things they sell there and pair them with things I have made and even a couple ideas off Pinterest. People are always asking how I come up with some of my ideas and to put it bluntly I get a lot of them just from being in these kinds of stores. Then I dash home to see if someone else has come up with that idea. As it turns out someone always has. Just go to Pinterest and type in your idea and you can always see thousands of the same ideas that people have already made of your wonderful and not so unique idea. But that doesn’t stop me as I always look at theirs and say, “I can do it better”.

In this first photo there is a bin there with a couple rusty old garden sheers. Yuck you say! Think again. Look what I created with one just like it, and I bought those green ones for a future project to come. So never overlook those bins with old bent and rusty tools.

Tool Sign

They have bins and bins of hinges, doorknobs, nuts and bolts, electrical supplies, plumbing parts, you name it for fixing your abode, it is more than likely there. Then there is the cupboard door isle. I love that isle. You can actually find solid wood cupboard doors there. You can make them into signs like I did in the photo above or make a creation like the one below. The far one below is a coat rack made from one of those cupboard doors and old glass vintage doorknobs. Which just happens to be for sale in my shop.

Cupboard Doors

Talking about plumbing, I went in there once and seen a beautiful pink pedestal sink and instantly saw my new bird bath for $35.00. Try to find a standing birdbath that size for that price. I don’t think so.


Seeing as how I was talking about garden tools, I wanted to show you a section you might have to stretch you imagination on. It is the garden tools and shovels area. See those 3 shovels with the wooden and metal handles I almost bought them for a project but my friend didn’t have any room left in her car after I bought myself a workbench. OOPS!

Garden tools

But take a look at what I created from an old rusty garden hoe. Plus if you look in the above photo with the birdbath sink, I used one to hang some stuff on just at the top right hand side of the old door. I have even seen people use these as wine glass holders on a wall in their bar.

Garden hoe

Then there is the doors. I can never get past those doors without wanting at least one. It is always a little harder finding the solid wood ones but there is usually at least one at the ReStore. Can’t think of an idea for a door. Look at this crazy idea.


Now I know that idea is a little extreme for some people so I found another great idea on Pinterest you might like.

Door garden center

They also have headboards which I would love to get my hands on but I do not drive and I just can’t bear to ask people to help me lug a huge headboard home. But I did make one of these benches once and loved that beast. It was solid wood and weighed a ton. These next photos I found on Pinterest. If you look at that flower bed it is made from the same headboard that is in the photo I took today. The flowerbed was created by Confessions of a Curbshopaholic. and used by a blogger I just love, Donna from Funky Junk Interiors for her inspiration garden.

Bed Frames

Headboard bench

They even have a paint section. You know all that paint that you will never use, just take it in and donate all those mistakes. It beats the mistake section at the hardware store and way better colors also.


Finally even the staff there understand sometimes people have a hard time imagining things that they see, so they always have some examples just hanging around for you to get those creative juices going.

Before and After Re-Store Style

I have one more project to share that came from their scrap wood section. That section is huge and takes up one whole wall of this huge building. It was commissioned from a very good friend from my hometown. The numbers came off their family home when his mom had to downsize after all the children grew up. So do not go past that isle as there can be some hidden gems in there also.

Wood project

There you have it. The store that is dear to my heart. The Habitat For Humanity ReStore. So get off that big old couch, go find your muse and start creating. They are just one of the many organizations that really do good for communities and people all over the world.


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  1. I recently discovered the ReStore here in Calgary and spent a whole lot of time but very little money . Two of my bigger scores were an 8 ft. 2×6 piece of oak (an old handrail -it still had the brackets on it ) and a gallon of semi gloss varathane for 20 bucks , a litre of varathane alone at H.D. or Lowes costs that.

    • Hi Rick isn’t the Re-Sore the best. I do know that Calgary just recently opened a new Re-Store as the Manager from The Hat Store was there helping set it all up. I loved the one in Red Deer also!

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