Warning, this is not one of my regular DIY projects, but it is something I deal with every second of my living days. Well as opposed to my dead days, then we would not be having this discussion!

Tinnitus 1 Picture if you will, a certain sound. That sound being a high pitched screaming air raid siren from the early 1900’s. It is a sound of war. It is a sound of air raid sirens. It is a sound that if you were a child in this era and at school you would run and hide under a desk, (it was called “Duck and Cover”) or if an adult, run to the nearest air raid shelter!

Now picture this sound inside your head… 24 hours a day for the rest of your life.

Welcome to the year 2016. There is no cure and you still walk around with air raid sirens inside your head… 24/7. There are a few treatments but seriously they do not measure up very well.

One is to do yoga to try and channel a meditative state of mind to block out the sound in your head. Yea right… NOT!

There are certain hearing devices to make outer sounds louder so you do not notice the siren going off in your head. Hahaha, I feel a headache coming on with that one.

white_noise1Tinnitus 4Then there is the white noise trick. Those of you old enough to remember will understand what I mean when I say this sound is very similar to the ‘snow’ broadcast by an un-tuned television. They tell you to listen to this while trying to fall asleep. Myself I tend to associate that white sound with some scary poltergeist movie. Nope not for me.


Another one is to play some background sounds of nature. Now this one I have not tried but who wouldn’t like the sound of a babbling brook just before you fall asleep. That one sounds nice and I might give it a try. But I will probably pee the bed listening to the trickling water. But, you can’t walk around listening to nature sounds all day. So your kinda screwed the moment you step out of your bedroom.

I have had this infliction now for well over 13 years and slowly it has gotten louder. I don’t really remember when it happened. One day I woke up and it was there. I never really thought about it until a fellow I was dating at the time, described what he had and I realized that is exactly what I had. Now it has a name. Thank goodness! I was starting to wonder if I was soon going to be a candidate for the loony bin. Over the years I have mentioned it to several doctors and not a one of them did any tests. They all kind of looked at me with pity and that resigned look on their faces basically telling me I was sh!t out of luck.

Some days are worse than others. That means some days are louder than others. You better hope you do not have one to many adult beverages as the hangover will scream bloody murder inside your head!

Tinnitus 6

I have went to a couple web sites that claim to treat this and the one thing  they all have  in common is the price. It is expensive and they tell you it can take up to a year to tune out your sound. But the sound is still there, they just claim that now you have to “focus” on the tinnitus to hear it. I guess if you do that, then you have to do some yoga to tune it out again!

Here is an example from an American website of the prices they ask: “The initial cost is approximately $815. If recommended, the pair of devices will be an additional $1500 to $1800 for sound generators or up to $3,500 for combination devices (hearing aid & sound generator). Optional accessories such as remote controls cost anywhere from $175 to $350 each.”


So you may wonder why I am writing this type of post as opposed to my ongoing projects. Well it is to educate people on the subject. I certainly had never heard of this till that fella described it to me. So if you have a friend that is telling you they are hearing noises in their head. Don’t tell them to check into the nearest psychiatric ward. Don’t tell them to wrap their heads in tinfoil. You can actually tell them what it is!


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Welcome to my world! My name is Kat. I live in Medicine Hat. Thus the name, Kat From The Hat.


    • Hi Anne! You have it also! I find it quite amazing how many people have this yet it is widely unknown by so many people. It is one of those things no on ever talks about. But it sure screams inside your head LOL!

    • Hi. Sorry about your problem. There are occupational therapists certified in vestibular rehab and they can fix your problem. Just make sure they’re certified. Good luck

      • Hi Betty… I just did a quick google on vestibular rehab and all I can find so far is treatment for dizziness and imbalance or vertigo problems due to inner ear disorders. I haven’t read about the screaming sirens yet, but there has not been any dizziness connected with this type of problem. I will certainly look into it further and thanks for the heads up!

  1. I used to have annual hearing tests at work (sheet metal fabrication) some of the tones could not tell if I was really hearing or just the ones that were there already . Not bothered constantly unless I am where it is fairly quiet. I found out recently through some info that I received that the clinical trial drug I am currently on can cause it as a side effect . I already had it before the treatments and thankfully it has not gotten any worse.

  2. Hi Kat, good blog on a subject (as you say) nobody ever talks about. I have had this affliction since 1990 when I stepped off an airplane in Winnipeg during an extremely cold (-30C) snow storm. The wind was from the north and my ears weren’t covered. I remember the sharp pain deep in my ear and have been living with the results since then. It is a hiss that changes pitch and tone on occasion, once in awhile I will hear clicking sounds. I swear I hear it in both ears but it is dominant in my left ear and it does affect my balance. Stairs can be a problem, I have to hold onto the wall or railing if there is one. When you live with it for over 25 years, it just becomes the new norm.

    • Hey Karla, Mine is prominent on my right side (I think). Amazing how one can adjust to things. You would think a screaming siren going off in your head would truly be horrifying, but you just keep living life and no one knows what is really going on inside your head. What I would give for a nice quiet time inside this brain of mine.

  3. I’ve had this for 25+ years! It really seems to bother me at night while trying to watch tv in bed. Some days worse then others ugh!

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Peggy. Yes I have to agree at bedtime, when as all is quite in the house, the sound is at it’s loudest. If I ever get around to it I do want to try the nature sound for background noise to see if it helps any. A friend has just been diagnosed with Tinnitus and she is going with the hearing aids. I will be curious to see how it works with her.

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