WHAT'S IN YOUR DRAWERSI found this image on the internet and it has been stuck in my head for over a year now. I knew I had to use it in one of my posts but I seriously could not think of a darn thing to use it with. But I had to use it just to get the image out of my head. I thought of doing a post on “Thongs Gone Bad” but I seriously couldn’t do it. That post would have been even more disastrous than the photo of a baby in a thong diaper! I know this is a bad thing to do as now you guys will be stuck with this image in your head. But it is now purged from mine. Sorry to do that to you but it had to be done… for my own sanity.



So my question to you is… WHAT'S IN YOUR DRAWERS

What’s in your drawers?

No not the drawers your wearing.

Your Dresser Drawers.

Do they look like this image?

Well mine do.

Or at least they did till I decided to take a really good look at what was in them. I have tried organizing my dresser drawers many times over in my lifetime and it did not matter how much I purged, I still had a problem keeping them organized. Most recently I thought I would just buy a new dresser. It had to be the dressers fault!… NOT!

Then I read an article about a lady who has mastered the art of organization. Her name is Marie Kondo, She is a very quiet, pretty Japanese lady. I watched a couple of her videos on You Tube after hearing about her. I decided to give it a try. Her theory on the dresser is all how you fold your clothes. Plus getting rid of some crap you haven’t wore in over a year!

Although some of the way she talks about folding your clothes sounded a little whacked to me, I thought the concept worth giving it a try. Here is an example of the part that sounded rather strange. As she lays out a t-shirt (she also hugs it first) and begins to smooth out the wrinkles, she talks about how it is all about the love of your shirt. That part I can live without and sped things up a bit. I forgot about the love of the garment and just analyzed how the folding went. Once I figured it out I decided to tackle the dresser. I just planned on doing one drawer. To my amazement it went so well I could not stop and in twenty minutes I had every drawer dumped out, reorganized  and completed. It was that easy and I quite enjoyed it.

What sold me totally was when I got to my jean drawers. I have 12 pairs of jeans. Folding the old way I could put 6 pairs in each drawer but I never knew where any particular pair were. I was always making a mess trying to find the one pair that ultimately was on the bottom.

Now I have 11 pairs of jeans all in one drawer and I can see every single pair of jeans. When I pull one pair out I just slide the whole row over for when that pair gets laundered, the new space is ready for them to be put away.

With no effort at all it has stuck in my feeble noggin and now when I do laundry I automatically think how it is going to fit in my dresser and use this same folding technique as I fold the clothes.

As far as the t-shirts go, I never did find the love. When I tried the folding method on those they were pretty wrinkled when it came time to wear one , so I opted to keep them hung on a hanger. I did not show them love as I really do not like t-shirts and rarely wear them anyway. Over all I give this method a 9 out of 10. Losing one point on the wrinkled t-shirts.

Here is some photos of my new found love of my old dresser drawers. Everything has stayed in place for over a month now. In the photo of the jean drawer you can only see 9 pairs, but there are 2 tucked into the back that I do not wear as often but if the drawer is pulled all the way out I can still get to them without moving any others. Amazing!





I ended up having one whole empty drawer which I actually put my shorts and a couple of my thick sweaters in. I had those stashed in a Rubbermaid bin because I had no room in my dresser. Nothing ever gets buried at the bottom of the drawer. I can see every single item in there at a glance and no more frantic tossing everything out trying to find that one lost sock.

Seriously, go over to You Tube and look up Marie Kondo. I love how these drawers are organized,  my clothes are now folded with a purpose and I highly recommend it!

This is the last on the series of organizing posts. I am going to spend the winter throwing stuff away so I do not have anything left to organize!


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    • Thank you Barbara! I just purged another huge garbage bin of non useful stuff. Today is garbage day and that is my day to get rid of stuff that cannot be donated simply because of my junk hoarding tendencies. If I do not fill that bin I go right back in the house and purge some more! Crafter’s are the worst hoarders!

    • Barbara could you please contact me if you get the time to tell me exactly what the problem was when you tried to post a comment and I will try to fix the problem. It is difficult on this end if I do not know which steps were taken and where the actual problem is. Just use the “Contact Kat” at the top right hand side of the page. Thanks as I need to get the bugs out!

    • I’m telling you Anne this is the best! Aside from the T-shirts I love this new way of folding clothes. Nothing goes to the bottom of the drawer to get lost forever LOL!

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