I am back with an update on my health… I am still sick! But rather than no post at all I had a brainstorm while washing the dishes this morning. Actually it wasn’t a brainstorm. It was more like a fart, a little one. But because I am still sick I know you will forgive me.

 Since I was cleaning in the kitchen, to get me motivated to clean more than just the dishes I thought I would show you 3 things in my tiny kitchen I can’t live without. Small kitchens are very difficult to work with. There isn’t even enough room for a kitchen table and chairs. Well I guess there could be but I would not be able to walk through the kitchen without banging my toes on the table legs.  Nights would be downright scary as I stumble around on the potty run.

candle sconces

My first item I want to show you is a tea towel rack I made from a vintage rolling pin and two wrought iron candle sconces. I had my son remove the top parts of the candle holders which left me with 2 great brackets to work with. All I had to do was slip the handles of the rolling pin into the brackets and screw the whole thing to the side of my sink where I need my tea towels the most.

I hate tea towels hanging off the oven door as they always end up on the floor every time I open the oven. It drives me crazy when that happens.

For just a few dollars at the thrift store I have a completely unique tea towel holder that works with me and not against me.


When I say it was a few dollars I really mean it.  The rolling pin was $3.99 and the candle sconces were about the same price.

Now you just have to wonder at my choice of tea towels, but I love them and they came in a package that I won a couple years ago. I won tons of cool stuff from a blogger that I absolutely love. Her name is Karen . I also have a strange affinity to vintage rolling pins. I don’t know why as I can’t bake worth crap.


Rolling pins certainly don’t bring any fond memories of youth as I do not ever remember my mother baking pies and cookies. But if I see one in the thrift store I have to go over and fondle it. It also has to have the right feel to it or I won’t buy it. I have 3 now. Don’t know why, I just like them.

Next on the list is my rake rack. This is exactly as it sounds. I found an old hoe at the Re-Store brought the thing home, took off the wooden handle and screwed it to the side of an old side board/hutch. Not pretty but to me she is a thing of beauty,  more importantly, it works. This hoe has a job!


I use my hoe all the time as I never can find those damn pot holders when I need them. That’s the thing with kitchens, everything has to have a place or cooking will be a nightmare. So for either a big kitchen or a small one, find a spot for those items you will be grabbing all the time and life in there will be a whole lot easier.

Lastly I would like to show you this old bakers rack. I found the darn thing curbside one evening while walking home from work many years back. Well I can’t pass up free so I lugged it all the way home, I was 8 blocks away and this beast was heavy.


This is one of those sturdy ones and even though I do not particularly like bakers racks this thing has become invaluable to me where ever I have lived. Because of the wire racks of each shelf, things do not sit on it very well, that being the reason I have never liked them. So I had to get creative. The top shelf got a great $2.00 large blue tin tray. The second shelf got an old kitchen cupboard door I had stashed and the third got an old baking cookie sheet I used to use to catch spills from casseroles and such so the bottom of the oven didn’t get so dirty when things bubbled over. I didn’t bother with the bottom shelf as that does not get used as much. So for $2.00 I now have a whole lot more shelving for things that get used more frequently and not have to go scrounging in cupboards and drawers trying to find things that ultimately will get lost in.

That being said I still don’t like the look of bakers racks but till something else comes along this has been a workhorse of a rack.

See that silver canister on the top shelf holding my utensils. That is an empty paint can bought at the hardware store. You do not need those expensive sets. You just need something that works! That paint can is the perfect size for all my utensils.

Once again what I am trying to say is you don’t have to buy new fancy stuff all the time. Work with what you have. Reinvent things. Go to your local thrift store. Paint a piece of junk and make it new again.


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