Welcome to the world of Kat from The Hat! 

Photo Editing

My name is Kat. I love to take photos!

I am an artist and craft enthusiast at heart with experience in many different disciplines.

My photographic journey started when I signed up for a photography workshop with well known Storm Chaser and Photographer, Greg Johnson, from the Tornado Hunters.

This was not a class on how to take photos, rather it was a workshop on basic camera use and functionality.  For example, how to take it out of AUTO MODE and swing in to MANUAL MODE, then adjust the settings yourself.

A camera is a scary thing for a lot of would be photographers who buy expensive cameras (myself included) and simply use them as basic point and shoot devices  because they are too terrified to take it out of AUTO MODE.

I personally wanted to get more out of my camera so I accepted the challenge and have spent many hours soaking in all I can about my cameras and photography to the point where I am ready to publish the results.

Every day I am learning new things and taking new photographs in different camera modes using different lighting and props. Come join me on my photographic journey. I feel as though I have just scratched the surface and the best is yet to come as I explore this amazing field of creativity.

All photographs on this website are proprietary and protected by copyright and may not be copied or used without explicit written consent. However, they are all for sale in both digital and printed form. Feel free to contact me if something catches your eye.

I invite you to visit  often to browse through my galleries to see what’s new!